CAG &TAG Tuesday: African Grey Divine Yoga Parrot That Swears NOT!

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Congo African grey parrots, or Timnehs, that swear and have potty mouths are viral sensations on YouTube. Not this beautiful baby. This CAG, named Ram, chants, “Hari Om Tat Sat,” which means, “That is Truth.”  The creator and the creation are not two. Ram is a viral sensation with his divine words. Watch this special bird in action:

Most people think that parrots simply mimic, that they do not know what they say. Yet anyone who lives with a parrot realizes they grasp contextual language and use it accordingly.

My CAG, Kongo Bird, came to me after being passed through two homes. He was only 11 years old, and had clipped wings. The previous owner told me he was clumsy, that he fell down a lot, and laughed about his foul language.

Yes, in the first few months, he was clumsy, He would try to climb around a shaky perch that had come with him. Every time he fell, he would drop an F-bomb. Some people thought this was funny. I just thought it was sad, and he seemed frustrated.

I let Kongo's wings grow out, and I coached him to fly around the house. In the beginning he got out of breath quickly, and was nervous. Yet over time, he got stronger and braver. He watched other birds from the window, and learned some curving maneuvers. He became confident, and his calls became sweet and happy, with a lot of hellos and cools. And he hasn't dropped and F-bomb, or fallen, in five years now.

Teach your African grey and other parrots language of high vibration

If you've ever done a muscle test, or self development practice, you know that language and words carry weak or strong vibrations. Positive expands in energy, and negative contracts – it's universal law. We inherently understand this when it dawns on us that complainers and foul-mouthed wise guys are a drag to be around. We look up to those with a positive outlook on life, those that act in ways that lead to remarkable lives.

It is up to us to teach good ways to our pets. None of us know what the afterlife brings. But wouldn't you like to at least imagine that you are helping to spread good karma and virtue?

Do yourself and your parrot a favor: lose the potty mouth. Unless you are a child hearing swears for the first time, it's not that funny. It gets tired fast.

When you start hearing divine words come out of the mouth of your parrot, over time you'll notice a much more joyful presence.

Ram the CAG is apparently Hindu, with chants in the Hindi language. Do you have any videos to share of your parrot, saying Christian prayers or singing hymns? How about Islamic words of wisdom? Or any religious or spiritual words? We here at Parrot Shop want to start a new trend – and watch the inspirationa; birds go viral!


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