Football Fan Or Parrot Poaching Victim? Parrot Of Falcao Calls Out Goals For His Famous Owner.

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As reported in The Sun this week, Coco the Amazon parrot calls out cheers whenever his number one hero, Radamel Falcao, scores a goal. Coco is the family parrot of Falcao who is famous for being one of the top strikers in world football. He is playing these days for Manchester United, and Coco has his eye on him. Is Coco really a football fan as so many sports news agencies are reporting, or the victim of parrot poaching?

The high profile parrot of Falcao screams out in Spanish, “Gol de Falca!” (“Goal from Falca!”) Falcao's wife says that Coco also knows, “Great goal” and other phrases. Maybe Coco is just trying to use whatever words he's learned to get out of that small cage that has no enrichment toys. Check out Coco in the video below:

While on the surface this looks  as a cute story for football fans, it would be even cooler if Falcao used his fame to support animal welfare. Colombia is one of numerous central and South American countries that suffer parrot poaching and other wildlife snatching from natural habitats, stealing freedom from these wild animals and sticking them in cages.

For more on the story of poaching, read on:

Football Fan Or Parrot Poaching Victim?


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