Budgie Flirting Confuses Cockatiel. Don’t Touch Me.

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Like all parrots, budgie flirting is pretty common.  In this video, Blinkie the budgie flirting with Cookie the cockatiel is downright funny! We love it where Blinkie grabs Cookie with his talons – it looks like he's kicking poor Cookie! Does Cookie ever figure out that Blinkie's advances are amorous? Find out below…

Click below to see Blinkie and Cookie:

Budgie Flirting Confuses Cockatiel – What A Kick!


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  2. Anne, after reviewing with my support team, it looks like it may be a cache problem.Try clearing the browser history on your phone – also, background running phone apps eat up the memory quick on mobile devices, making video viewing difficult. I’ve had to reset all my apps, turning most app notifications off. Hope this helps! Technology, oh my… 🙂

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