How To Win A Cockatoo Argument – NOT!

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By the looks of this video, Jazzy the Umbrella cockatoo appears to have won the cockatoo argument! Who else is going to win? If you are a person who has experience with cockatoo argument practice, you may find this interaction hilarious, just like we did:

Jazzy seems to know what she can get away with and what she can't. Here's what her owner has to say about the argument:

For those of you who are concerned that I “Yell at Jazzy, I can assure you this is not done in anger or to be mean. Jazzy loves to argue. She will do this banter all the time as what seems to be entertainment for her. I am not angry with her, in fact I protect  her and have since moved her cage away from the table so she is not tempted to eat wood that has varnish on it. Jazzy and I continue to have many discussions, some are more spirited than others , I leave that up to Jazzy.




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