Tribute To Fabio The Talking Budgie. Yes, Mr. President.

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Fabio stands regal upon his owner's knee. a talking budgie having fun hanging out. This looks like one happy parakeet spending some quality time with his human friend. One of the funniest comments we came across is a description that fits Fabio and this  cameo shot. A viewer wrote, “Lol!!!!! It looked like the President of Birds addressing The Birds of the Nation, cute.” Fabio has passed, but this cute video pays tribute to a very lovely budgerigar. 

ourbudgiefabio wrote:

About Fabio
He has been a constant source of enjoyment for our family over the years. We found him in the local pet store in 2002 as a young big eyed budgie, sedate and still. He refused to come out of his box when we tried to show him his new home. We had to do a few gentle shakes and slowly he slid out. 

As he is a single budgie without companion we like to give him lots of attention. As we light up our eyes and chatter with him, he reacts and does the same back to us! A great little friend. He has gone to be with his Maker now. 2002 to 16th June 2013. We'll miss you mate! See you later on.


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