Flying Parrots In The Desert. Macaws Teach A Conure About First Flight.

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Training a parrot for free flight is a lot trickier than anyone may realize. With every video that shows flying parrots, we see that many more notices of lost parrots outside. We show free flying parrots for two huge reasons: one, because free flying birds is always cool; and two, so we can use the opportunity to warn you do not try this without serious and professional training. Too many people see an amazing video like the one below, then go out and try it with their own parrots with little understanding of the extensive training that is involved – or the outside dangers that you are gambling with.

Snicket the Sun conure joins the flying parrots for the first time in the video below. For a great shot, check out the 3:33 time stamp where the two macaws are flying in slow motion. What t gorgeous sight:

Chris Biro is well aware of the dangers of free flying parrots. But does a breeder always know best?

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