Green Wing Macaw Singing In The Shower – Crazy Funny!

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This green wing macaw singing in the shower is a hoot! Okay, so he doesn't have the most beautiful operatic voice, we've definitely heard worse off-key singing coming from humans in the shower. This video shows a cool shower perch for the macaw. Shower perches are great ways to get your bird to enjoy a shower with you.Β Check it out below:

Does your pet parrot get regular baths or showers? A shower perch helps your parrot to be comfortable with showers if he is afraid, because you are in there having fun with him. You can tell if he likes it, just like this macaw singing Happy Birthday and chatting.


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  1. The humidity and water in the shower imitates the climate of the rainforest and is good for a parrot’s skin and feathers. It helps soften up pin feathers, too, a lot more than a simple spray bottle could do. And they love it! Shower perches are yet another way to bond with your pet.

  2. I soo wish my bird was friendly. I have a beautiful sun conure who is so fun to watch as he plays in/on his cage. I just think he would have so much more fun being able to play w him too.He’s adopted and I continue to try with him. I know ppl say it can take years but I just think he’s set in his ways πŸ™

  3. Even older birds are open to change. sun conures have strong personalities, and are also very smart. I’ve been working with homeless parrots at Foster Parrots Ltd. and The New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary for 5 years now and have seen many major transformations in all species, even in those that many gave up on. I’ve had my adopted grey for almost 7 years, and am surprised at the new levels we find to communicate on. Stay inspired and best of luck!

  4. We got our GWM for Christmas of 2013 and Bubba sings Happy Birthday very well until about two months ago, I started singing Rock a by baby and now that is what he is working on learning. Bubba is such a good boy.

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