Budgie Low Rider: Play Those Feathers!

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Low Rider, the classic car song by War, has never been this fun!  This is one of the best cruising songs ever published. We never thought a budgie could add frosting to it.  Enjoy your day, starting with this bit of fun:

This video also reminds us of how many bird owners talk about the smell of parrots. Some people love the musty scent of Amazons, others can't get their fill of macaws or cockatoos. Apparently this guy loves the budgie dander up his nostril! We hope that little parakeet doesn't disappear up the guy's nose.

Birds love hanging out with their flock and chillin' to some good music. WHat kind of music does your bird buddy like?

Here's the original Low Rider song by War, with lyrics just in case you want to play your own Budgie Low Rider:



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  1. Our budgie used to put his head between my eye and my glasses and just sit there for ages. Either he liked the warmth, or needed a corrective lense to see the TV … LOL

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