Knowing Macaw Allergy Could Save Your Pet. Special Parrot Tribute.

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Losing a loved one is never easy. Who would Here is a memorial tribute for a special macaw, Zoe. This beloved red-fronted macaw died of cardiac arrest brought on by an acute asthmatic response to powder down from the African grey that lives in the same household. We have seen similar type asthmatic reactions with birds of different species in close proximity at parrot sanctuaries. Fly free, Zoe.

Click below to find out more about the sensitive nature of macaws and what particular danger to beware of:

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8 Comments to Knowing Macaw Allergy Could Save Your Pet. Special Parrot Tribute.

  1. Oh man… I’ve got a macaw and African gray housed in the same room. The macaw will occasionally have a runny nose due to the powder, but we use a Hepa filter to reduce the amount of dust in the room. But now this makes me wonder if we are doing enough. RIP Zoe

  2. The air filter is crucial. Please talk with your avian specialist about it more. Ideally, 2 rooms would be better. But keeping a clean room and strong filter definitely help.

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