Macaw Road Trip Is Exciting… Then The Unthinkable.

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This blue and gold macaw named Vito seems to be having a blast with his friends on a scooter. The place where this was filmed, Paros, Greece, has no trees to speak of, which makes it easier to teach free flight to a pet parrot. What is the unthinkable? Check out the end of the video and you'll see.

Click below for the video:

Macaw Road Trip Is Exciting… Then The Unthinkable.


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  1. They are not Americans they can not not legally join the army . The generals would not let this happen . The war is coming to us in are own country . Long live freedom and love of GOD

  2. It’s good for him to have free flight and that he knows the way home, but as a parrot owner thinking of doing this with pet birds nearly gave me a heart attack!!! 🙂

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