Military Macaw Shows Off For Macaw Monday – Brrr!

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Oliver the Military macaw loves to throw his squeaky toy and show off. Military macaws are large parrots, and medium in size in the macaw family. Oliver looks like a real sweetie:

The comments were disabled for this video. By the owner's own comments, looks like a lot of people were criticizing her for clipping his wings. In past posts, we've urged people not to clip their parrot's wings. Of course, there are strong opinions on both sides.

If you worry that your bird will fly away, or fly into trouble inside the house, then your choice will probably be to clip the wings. If you are traveling on an airplane with your buddy, or through any kind of security that may request you remove your parrot from his carrier, it is a good idea to have the wings clipped, in case he spooks and tries to fly off.

Our avian specialist advises against it, unless it is a safety concern for you. Birds with clipped wings do not get the exercise they need in the chest area, and tend to develop heart disease. They also can fall more easily and hurt themselves in other ways. One friend of ours had a parakeet with clipped wings. He flew right into a pot of boiling spaghetti sauce.  Luckily he saved his friend. But his bird had tomato stains on his wings for years.

Whatever choice you make, be absolutely sure you have a professional do the clipping. The biggest horror of clipping wings is when the job is done wrong, and the poor parrot becomes permanently injured. This kind of accident is preventable.

A Military macaw can live a long time

Like all larger parrots, a Military macaw can live up to 50-60 years in the wild. They often live more than 60 years in captivity, so a responsible owner will make preparations for their beloved pet if the macaw is expected to outlive them. While the Military macaw is labelled Vulnerable as a Threatened species, they are found in the pet trade, and often found in parrot rescues. If you are interested in bringing a Military macaw into your home, please consider contacting parrot rescues in your region first before buying.

For more information about the Military macaw and its nutrition and behavior, read more here.



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