When A Moluccan Cockatoo Goes Off, Cover Your Ears.

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Pinky the Moluccan cockatoo, also known as a salmon-crested cockatoo, pulls a tantrum at the Florida Parrot Rescue. Cockatoos are amongst the most unruly – and abused – parrots kept in captivity. They are flamboyant, huge and beautiful. They, along with so many parrot species, are sold as expensive possessions, rather than the sensitive wild beings that they are.

FPR helps birds in need all over the state. Not only do they work hard to help find forever homes for displaced parrots, but they also provide education and support for people who want to learn more about parrots or need advice on their own pets. Check them out if your are in the region. They always need more volunteers, too. Here is a note from FPR:

Florida Parrot Rescue works throughout the entire state of Florida, and is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer run, avian rescue dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of companion parrots. We understand that all parrot owners love their birds, and that finding a new home for their birds is used as a last option. Florida Parrot Rescue remains non-judgmental and supportive in your time of need. If you need to re-home your bird, Florida Parrot Rescue can help by offering your bird a safe place to stay and get veterinary care until the right home can be found!

For more information, go to Florida Parrot Rescue.  These folks rock the animal welfare world.


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