It’s Tweetable Tuesday: This ‘Lost Bird’ Poster Is Just Too Hilarious

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This lost bird poster was seen plastered all over Bristol, Rhode Island a couple of years ago. In this area we see so many lost cat, lost dog, even lost parrot posters on telephone poles. But this? Seeing these kind of posters are usually heartbreaking. This one is a knew slapper! We will never tire of this one:

lost bird

As George Takei said,  “I don't know feather to laugh or help look for the bird.”

Seriously, a lost bird is no laughing matter. Worse than that is the exotic birds we find looking for help. People decide they don't want their parrot anymore, and open the door and let it go. Here in the Northeast of the United States, we have hawks, flacons, eagles and all sorts of predators that can snatch up a lost bird that is not prepared to take care of itself in the wild

Yes, we do feel heartbreak when a bird is locked up in a cage. But that doesn't mean we throw it out the window. That's like throwing a child who never swam before into the deep end without a lifejacket. Yet a lost parrot might get lucky, it's a longshot… he could be taken in under the wings by the lost bird gang that the wild pigeon above runs with.

Thank you, Ian, for giving us a good chuckle. If you would like a print of the poster, you can get one here.

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