Basic Parrot Psychology and Trauma Recovery: A New Course On Parrots

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One of the toughest issues we face with captive bird care is parrot psychology. When we first engage with parrots, as pet guardians or as shelter advocates, a flood of questions arise about how to better interact with, build better relationships with, and care for captive birds.

The Kerulos Center shares a vision of a world where animals live in dignity and freedom. Founder and Executive Director Dr. Gay Bradshaw presents to us an unprecedented opportunity to make the changes needed for such a world to evolve.

Gay BradshawGay is offering a new interactive course called Sky Minds, critical for anyone caring about or caring for parrots and other birds. Topics include principles of trans-species psychology, bird neuroanatomy, and parrot mental and emotional development.

Here is a snippet about the course:

Core to the mission of Kerulos’ Aves Sagradas project, Sky Minds is directed at supporting bird dignity and freedom. The course discusses principles of parrot psychology, traumatic effects of capture and captivity, and ways in which bird trauma recovery can be supported.

The course answers commonly asked questions such as:

  • Can parrots ever find happiness in captivity?

  • Are captive raised and reintroduced parrots the “same” as wild parrots?

  • Are humans and other species “enough” for parrots in captivity or do they require companionship of their species?

  • Do all birds in captivity suffer trauma?

  • How do psychological versus behavioral approaches to parrots differ?

  • What does bird sentience imply for how we live with and care for our avian kin?

 Sky Minds consists of three self-paced one-hour lectures online with readings and related links with live discussion and question-and-answer periods with the instructor. The course is intended for individual bird carers, rescue, sanctuary, and conservation workers and professionals, students and others committed to bird well-being and self-determination.

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