Psychic African Grey Parrot Shows Off Telepathic Talents

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A psychic African grey parrot sounds more like a parlor trick. Yet N'kisi demonstrates unbelievable skill in this controlled experiment with a parrot that has an extensive vocabulary and a keep sense of, well, telepathy:

A number of naysayers in the comments doubt that anything was proven. Nevertheless, the concept is intriguing. When my mother was alive, she would marvel how Kongo Bird would start talking and whistling about 10 minutes before I came home. We always wondered if his ears were so good that he could hear my car.

Now I wonder, maybe I have a psychic African grey parrot!



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2 Comments to Psychic African Grey Parrot Shows Off Telepathic Talents

  1. I also believe birds are telepathic. How else could they fly in huge flocks and not crash into each other? My grey also has demonstrated this in the past. Once I reached into my purse and somehow cut my finger . Before I could even react, he said Oh, sh*t! He was in the living room and I was in the kitchen, so he couldn’t have seen it, but he knew and he took the words right out of my mouth. (He also does not normally swear).

  2. When you have telepathic tendencies yourself, you can do some interesting tests. Send a message to your parrot, from outside (especially if you are returning home after a few hours and you’re still down the street) and try feeling his response. It’s pretty cool!

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