Trick Training Your Parrot Takes Patience And Tenderness. And More Patience.

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Today we got a message from a fan who wanted to know if trick training your parrot is good or bad. About the video below, she wrote, “It's cute but I really don't like how he commands the bird to do the trick. It's so disciplinarian and there's no treat afterwards just his “good bird”. Wonder what that little guy went through to get to this point.” Here is the video:

In our opinion, trick training your parrot like this can be very rewarding, for you and your pet. parrot. A parrot is not going to do a behavior if he does not want to. How you handle your bird can either build or break a trust bond between you. Never force your bird to do a trick. On the following pages are some ways that you can use to engage your parrot with training tricks. Knowing how to use clicker training is best before you teach any tricks. If you are not familiar with pointer and clicker training, we strongly suggest you learn about these techniques before you attempt to train a parrot. Building a bond is always the first step.

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2 Comments to Trick Training Your Parrot Takes Patience And Tenderness. And More Patience.

  1. i was starting to do that with Munchie. lying on her back in my palm. i had her flying on command. then i stopped & decided to let her just be a parrot.

  2. Munchie is such a cool parrot, and I bet responds nicely to training. This is a controversy with all pet owners, whether we should train them or let them be. The bottom line is, what is the purpose? Ultimately, we hope it is for better bonding and communication with your pet. As long as we work at enrichment, engagement and trust activities with all our pets, the tricks are simply a way to do it. 🙂

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