Head Banging U2 Parrot Gets His Metal On. For Metal Heads Only.

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Many parrot rescues play music for the birds through out the day for enrichment. We can hear pop music, light rock, classical, New Age, and other mellow tunes. Many also do not allow heavy rock or heavy metal because the intense sounds may cause the birds undue stress. This may be true for many species. But this Umbrella cockatoo doesn't look stressed at all. He's a head banging U2 parrot. If you are a metal lover, you will love this.


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5 Comments to Head Banging U2 Parrot Gets His Metal On. For Metal Heads Only.

  1. I know that U2 has recently become popular for referring to umbrella $#%&!@*atoos, but I wish people would stop. It’s really confusing and if I share something with a title like this no one will understand.

  2. Thanks, Lauren, I won’t use it anymore. Keywords do get confusing, but search engines will recognize the word ‘parrot’ after it, so the phrase “U2 parrot” is a keyword. Then again, maybe it’s a good way to get people to know about them!

  3. We never know what these captive birds have been through. Sometimes it’s poor clipping practices, and sometimes the parrots do it themselves, self-plucking. And judging by parrotshop viewer comments, education needs to come a long way before the general public will understand the cruelty of clipping.

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