Wild African Greys Will Make You Catch Your Breath. And Your Heart.

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Our Congo African grey, Kongo Bird, gets beside himself with excitement when he sees this video of wild African greys. He's no fool. He knows the wild African greys are his peeps. He wants to know what button on the computer will transport him to them. We felt our hearts jump into our throats about the :50 second time stamp.

How does a sight like this make you feel?

This footage was taken in Cameroon, Africa.

Click to the next page to find out what the World Parrot Trust is doing for wild African greys:

Wild African Greys Will Make You Catch Your Breath


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69 Comments to Wild African Greys Will Make You Catch Your Breath. And Your Heart.

  1. I wish they could be wild. I have a Timneh and a Congo rescues after all I have learned over the past 4 years of taking care of them. I wish people would stop breeding them and leave the wild ones alone except for photography. If you must have one of these beautiful creatures adopt a rescue and learn about them.

  2. Cathy, I could not agree more. I have a rescued Timneh that we know was wild caught 30 plus years ago.We have had him for 11 years and he has a wonderful home with us,but my heart breaks at the thought that he was taken from his bird family all those years ago. I agree that adoption or rescue is the way to go. I don’t believe people should be permitted to breed parrots. I see parrots up for adoption all the time, it is so sad. They say things like “we don’t have time for him.”. It is far too easy to impulse purchase a parrot!

  3. they almost sound like the wild green amazons (that is what we were told they are) that are on a pole down the street and around two corners….it is so neat to hear them when we drive by

  4. awww, like my princess, Gia!! I have an African Gray, my Gia!! She’s a Congo and the most beautiful girl in all the lands, at least in the eyes of me her sister!! I would absolutely LOVE to witness this in person, what a blessing that would be!!

  5. I have a rescue. …she came to me… literally landed on top of my house and was coaxed with food. I never wanted a bird and have always hated the thought of a caged bird! While I will love and care for her, she is destined to a mostly caged life. They belong in the wild and not for man’s entertainment!

  6. I am OWNED by an African grey, Oscar, he is 17 years old. I wish all birds could be free, but he has definitely taught me a lot about these beautiful and very intelligent creatures : )

  7. I tried all kinds of things, vets that specialize in birds near and far, postings, bird specialty shops, international lost bird sites. She’s mine now. Had her for years and I love her and take very good care of her. She is in good hands and she knows who her momma is.

  8. Aw, Lezley, we feel your heartache. When I miss birds that have passed on, I meditate – they always call to me and wave from the Rainbow Bridge to say thanks! Fly free, Wilma. <3

  9. Aww thankyou, I Still can’t believe she’s gone, she was only 2 years old, I kept her cage spotless, and thought I gave her the best food, but she caught Aspergillosis, the vet thinks it was peanuts in shells that did it 🙁 I will never forget her, I have some Lovely videos of her chatting, she was very popular on fb, everyone loved her

  10. Yes. I’m very much an animal lover and tried to imagine how heart broken someone would be having lost her. She is very young from what I’m told so she is already in my will going to someone who is a bird person if something happens to me. Her name is Amelia Birdheart. …lost aviator who found her way to me! ♡ ♡ ♡

  11. They are wonderful pets. I just feel sorry for birds seeing all them come into rescues because people buy them and don’t take care of them. People are so abusive to animals. I see it in the dog rescue too. Maybe people should have to take educational classes and work in a bird rescue before buying or breeding them. There are responsible breeders. But I am sure the crappy breeders out weigh the caring ones.

  12. Well said and I couldn’t agree more. However, with so many, many birds (greys included) needing homes and care, breeding them should end. There should not be a profit in keeping birds. Not that they do not make good pets, IF PROPERLY cared for. But proper care is not easy, takes committment for MANY YEARS and can be expensive for most people. They are intelligent and long-lived, hence their capacity for suffering is great.

  13. Rescues are the way to go. We have 2 rescue Umbrella $#%&!@*atoo’s, A kind of rescue Blue Throated Conure (I say kind of because he was in a home that loved him dearly but they knew they didn’t have the time he needed so he was given to us). They are so sweet and they really do appreciate everything you give to them.

  14. SOOO sorry for your loss, we lost two Greys to a nasty parasite carried by the squirrels outside of our home. But I know how hard it is. At least your bird had A Good Bird’s Life!

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